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make your own art don't steal mine!
only use if in the desc it says you can

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Shaded+Full Colour
~RQ~Ratchet-Halo~Iggy is drunk .w. by AlexaChan492
APH~ Watching the Cherry Blossoms c: by AlexaChan492
APH~ Bros forEVAHH =7= by AlexaChan492
Insert description here
Full Coloured
APH~ I made a doodle owo~Ameripan by AlexaChan492
Something I did for Tumblr by AlexaChan492
APH~ I made a doodle ouo~GerIta by AlexaChan492
Background comes with (If you want it. If you don't it'll be transparent.)
Tikal practice lineart thingy by AlexaChan492
Its not gunna be coloured sooo
Sonic Chibi Sketch :3 by AlexaChan492
DA is making me put a description so yea :U
Free Chibi Shadow icon :3 by AlexaChan492
Free Tails icon :3 by AlexaChan492
PC~Alex the Hedgehog~'o3o' icon by AlexaChan492
Minecraft Skins
MineCraft Skin Request ~my cousin :3 by AlexaChan492
Human Amy Rose MineCraft Skin!! :D by AlexaChan492
Creepy Girl MineCraft Skin!! :D by AlexaChan492
For use in the game "Minecraft"


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I would like some points so I can get PM and commish people who make good art

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Tagged by :iconslendii: <3 c:

RULES: (lol who follows rules anymore? |D )
1. - You must post these rules.
2. - Each person has to share 10 things about them.
3. - Answer the 10 questions asked to you and create 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. - Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal.
5. - Go to their page to inform them they were tagged.
6. - Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".
7. - You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8. - No tag-backs.
9. - You can't say that you don't do tags.
10. - YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. (Unless you're commenting about the actual entry)

1. Do you want to do this?
No I want to eat :I

2. Would you do this for meee?
hehe yesssss |D

3. You love me don't you?
<3<3<3<3 I love you THIS MUCH : D

4. Theres no denying, do you like the bandersnatch?
The whatwhat? owo" (Guess i dont cause i don't remember him ": D )

5. He came galumphing back, hm?
I guess he did c:

6. Sorry for the Alice references, do you like Alice in Wonderland?
Why yes I do kindof c:

7. Whose your favorite character?
Mad Hatter owo

8. That's nice, whats your original hair color?
Brown c:

9. If you could, what color would you dye it?
Red OwO

10. PepsiCola?
mm Pepsi and Coca-Cola are quite nice c:

1. Do you wanna kill some titans?

2. How about building a snowman? 

3. You ready for season two of free!? 

4. What about season 6 of Hetalia? ( Don't worry if your not you have 2 years to get ready)

5. FAVORITE SHIP TIME: MakoHaru or RinHaru? (You can pick both if you like |D )

6. USUK or FrUK?

7. Ok ship time over. Favorite game?

8. Favorite anime or manga?


10. If you had to choose one.. what would you do with your life? Swim all day? Kill titans? Or become a nation?

I dont really have very many people to tag owo"" So anyone who reads this and is like "oh I wanna answer these questions! : D" is allowed to do this c: 
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Do you wanna kill some titans?
  • Watching: Attack on Titan
  • Eating: breakfast pot pie
  • Drinking: cola

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Plz account: :iconalexaisdisappointplz:

Dream Address (For Animal Crossing: New Leaf) :

HELLO!I'm Alexa and I like to draw. I like to draw Hetalia related stuff. :3 If you like my pictures feel free to tell me. If you don't like my pictures please tell me what I can do to make them better.

Favourite Quote: Ninja scorpions. They'll come out while you're sleeping ~one of my BFFs (sonicdomain1 on YT)

I'm a fan of..:
Katamari Damacy Fan Button by RequestButtonsRibbon Fan Button by RequestButtonsMeta Knight Fan Button by RequestButtonsKirby Fan Button by RequestButtonsRoger Craig Smith Button by RequestButtonsChuggaconroy Fan Button by RequestButtonsTomska (Eddsworld) Fan Button by RequestButtonsKuromi Fan Button by RequestButtonsStephano Fan Button by RequestButtonsEddsworld Fan Button by RequestButtonsCrush 40 Fan Button by RequestButtonsGameGrumps Fan Button by RequestButtonsDrake and Josh Fan Button by RequestButtonsInvader Zim Fan Button by RequestButtonsPinky and the Brain Fan Button by RequestButtonsTeenage Robot Fan Button by RequestButtonsGir Fan Button by RequestButtonsHetalia Fan Button (UPDATED) by RequestButtonsNorth Italy Fan Button by RequestButtonsHetaOni Fan Button by RequestButtonsSeeU Fan Button by RequestButtonsMegpoid Gumi Fan Button by RequestButtonsKing Harkinian Fan Button by RequestButtonsCount Bleck Fan Button by RequestButtonsAnti-Cosmo Fan Button by RequestButtonsCry Fan Button by RequestButtonsIA Fan Button by RequestButtonsKlonoa Fan Button (Requested) by Super-HedgehogCreeper Fan Button by Super-HedgehogManic Fan Button (Requested) by Super-HedgehogSonia Fan Button (Requested) by Super-HedgehogAsh X Misty Fan Button by RequestButtonsCharmed Fan Button by RequestButtonsFrankie Foster Fan Button by RequestButtonsSquirtle Fan Button by RequestButtonsCatDog Fan Button by RequestButtonsToonami Fan Button by RequestButtonsConker Fan Button by RequestButtonsBanjo Fan Button (Requested) by Super-HedgehogChao Fan Button (Requested) by Super-HedgehogLumpy Space Princess Fan Button by RequestButtonsExcalibur Sonic Button (Requested) by Super-HedgehogTimmy Turner Fan Button by RequestButtonsMr.L Fan Button by RequestButtonsBlaze Fan Button by Super-HedgehogKagamine Twins Button (Requested) by Super-HedgehogTy the Tasmanian Tiger Fan Button by RequestButtonsShaymin Fan Button (Requested) by Super-HedgehogThunber Fan Button by RequestButtonsDick Figures Fan Button by RequestButtonsAnimal Crossing Fan Button by RequestButtonsJapan (Hetalia) Fan Button by RequestButtonsBoomubbles Fan Button by RequestButtonsDr. N. Tropy Fan Button by RequestButtonsPacman Fan Button by RequestButtonsG.U.N. Truck Fan Button by RequestButtonsPikmin Fan Button by RequestButtonsClassic Tiny Fan Button by RequestButtonsLatios Fan Button by RequestButtonsYaoi Fan Button by RequestButtonsNES Fan Button by RequestButtonsCanada Fan Button by RequestButtonsFrance Fan Button by RequestButtonsSpamano Fan Button by RequestButtonsGerIta Fan Button by RequestButtonsSuper Mario World Fan Button by RequestButtonsLemongrab Fan Button by RequestButtonsJimmy Neutron Fan Button by RequestButtonsNorth American Brothers Fan Button by RequestButtonsItaly Brothers Fan Button by RequestButtonsNightmare Before Christmas Fan Button by RequestButtonsCatScratch Fan Button by RequestButtonsJak Fan Button by RequestButtonsDaxter Fan Button by RequestButtonsClassic Mega Man Fan Button by RequestButtons


Get over it by VenomeyeI Love Cyan Yoshi by Powerwing-Amber"No Matter What." by XxSassersxXLuigi Addict Stamp by SugarJem Brawl Stamp 02 by Frobie-MangakaYoshi and Sonic Fan by SonictheYoshiPrincess Peach's Cake by MissLink8908Stamp 38 by Frobie-Mangaka Boos Are Love by MandiRI Have Fury Stamp by vib3sFormation of the Koopas by TheGreenDragonGirlGoomba Stamp by NowellsStamps The official T3LP stamp by TheBourgymanpaper mario stamp by SabattierMario and Luigi: Super Dance by Mr-StampFood Stamps by super-baka Mario and Luigi Stamp by ctjamjellyOUTA MY FUCKING WAY by Ry-SpiritFUCK Super Mario Bros Levels by MarioshiiPaper Luigi Best Quote Stamp by Prodigies In my time.... by MysticalTemptressOMG- Oh my growth by prosaix[STAMP] Safety Banana by EmfenI Heart Mimi Stamp by MandiR

Yoshi and Sonic Fan by SonictheYoshi STAMP-Tails 001 by NoNamepje STAMP-Sonic 016 by NoNamepje :thumb95717594: .: Sonic Cd Stamp :. by Mystix-Candy Sonic _fan stamp by SieflSupport ShadOuge Stamp by Heavy-Inamorato The Death of Sonic by LumoreanArts Human Sonic - Stamp by Astariku Human Shadow - Stamp by Astariku Sonic Recolor by WarriorofJesus Silver needs respect by sahara-lynne sonic nom nom stamp by sonoletia I Support Green-Eyed Sonic by Powerwing-Amber Clothes stamp by xRubiMalonex I Hate Girl Tails Stamp by DrPhilWoodchip Squeaky Clean Tails Fanartist by Powerwing-Amber SonAmy Stamp by Purple-Jacket Sonic is Sonic by ARTic-Weather Silver stamp 1 by KittyBat1234Stamp - I Love Taismo by SpriteGirl

Stamp :: Vocaloid by u-sagiVOCALOID 2 stamp by DemireVocaloid stamp by XXXYaoiLoveXXX UTAU + VOCALOID are DIFFERENT by SkinnyMandria black_rock_sho0ter stamps by RezzaVANdaviD Vocaloid Fangirl Stamp by myaku12 :thumb209907334: :thumb209907618: Vocaloid Fan Stamp by Akimi-Chan15 .:Gakupo X Luka Stamp:. by Angeru-chan Vocaloid2-Rin Len Stamp by aristodemelugix .::Stamp [RIN 2]::. by Leshiiri .::Stamp [RIN]::. by Leshiiri

favourite youtubers:
TRG Stamp: Team NCS by blazichuStamp: YOGSCAST Fan by thatcoldmaskKing Of The Homies by AgainstKingChimneySwift11 Stamp :D by Petpettails123AttackingTucans Fan Stamp by VibrantEchoesMy First Stamp! (A.K.A Anti ProtonConroy Stamp) by PeachSapling

Hi Stamp by AgnisVulpeculaBeing Childish Stamp by CreativenessSarcasm vs2 by PaboSaranghaeI love Feedback by Sweet-DooDoSugar Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxThe Weird Stamp by drag0nr1derWaking up... by prosaixNomnom Stamp V.3 by Sinister-StarfeeshMeaningful comments stamp by dazza1008Artist's Block Stamp by fear-the-brillianceComment Stalker Stamp by Drick96

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